Who Is Old Man Sam?

My mom calls me Old Man Sam for obvious reasons that are apparent in my photo. I’m a 10 1/2 year old male Boxer dog. My real name is Samson. I move slowly now, have trouble with stairs and with getting up from my favorite position (horizontal, in a deep sleep on my dog bed). We don’t have a fenced yard, so my mom takes me for lots of walks, and those have slowed down too. Aside from my weird excessive fatty neck folds (no, my collar is not on too tight), mom and dad say I am PERFECT and can’t resist my big browns!

My mom thinks I am really special for a couple reasons. #1, she’s never been fortunate to have a Boxer live into double digits. But the downside to that  is, she is constantly fearful of my health failing. #2, she says that I have a GREAT temperament and she loves that I am so laid back and accepting of everything that comes my way. For example, I’ve never met an animal I don’t like. I love all other dogs – big or small – and can even be trusted with cats. My skinkid brother had to care for his classroom’s pet rat a few weeks ago and I was ever so gentle with her too. #3, mom claims that I am super smart. I know how to pee and poop on command, can recognize some of the names of my toys and I can even “sense” when it’s time for us to move. We’ve moved 11 times in my life – twice across the country – and I’m always game to go with the flow!

My mom’s love for Boxers started in college with her first Boxer, “Meno.” She was addicted immediately. But before she ever heard of puppymills or backyard breeders, I came into her life as an 8 week old pup. An 8 week old Christmas present puppy from a backyard breeder, to be exact. Today she cringes at the thought of how I came to her, but she would never change a thing because she may not have ever met me. And that would be unthinkable.

Mom learned of an organization called Florida Boxer Rescue, Inc. in 1999 and began to volunteer right away once she realized how many Boxers are abandoned each year. She asked me to set up this blog so I can offer tips, post news about FBR dogs available for adoption, and tell you about my favorite pet products!

Before I end my first post, I guess I should probably tell you that I have an adopted Pug sister named Kiki and a kitty brother named Jerry that mom inherited. I miss my Boxer brother Brutus very much and lay in the room where his ashes are, every day. Mom has been whispering to me that we will adopt a new Boxer boy soon especially since I got a clean bill of health at my recent bi-annual vet check up. I tested negative for Cushings Disease and my mom was VERY relieved to hear that!


I’m going to sign off for now, but will be back soon to tell you about a few really cool pet products that my mom absolutely loves.

Boxer Slurps & Smelly Farts,

~Old Man Sam



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