These Are a Few of Mom’s Favorite Things…

My mom’s making me wake up from my 30th nap today to tell you about two of her (current) favorite things. The first she came across while searching for Boxer dog graphics on the internet a while back. She found a Boxer Rescue friendly person who will turn any photograph into  custom clip art! She specializes in Boxers, but can probably do most anything you’d want (she did my Pug sister and cat brother and they turned out great even though they aren’t Boxers – hmpfff)!

She does a great job, but best of all, the custom work will only set you back $5.00! And she donates half of that to Legacy Boxer Rescue ( a group she volunteers for ).

You can do a lot of creative things with a graphic like this such as making your own stationary! Perhaps you just want to see what your pet would look like as a “cartoonish” character. If so, check out her website. The URL is:

Here’s an example of what I look like as clip art ( this is me in my younger days as an ever-so-naughty adolescent Boxer, age three):

Awesome, eh? Give it a try – you’ll get a cute clip art version of your pup while supporting another Boxer Rescue organization!

The second thing my mom wanted to tell you about is a cool new collar that is WATERPROOF – yes, waterproof, and best of all, it won’t stink. Mom tells me that my sister and I go through about 5 collars each, every year because they get dirty, stinky and the colors fade and she can’t be having dogs prancing around with smelly, dull colored collars.

 The collars are called Dublin Dog and are so well made and SUPER thick!  We can go to the dog park, roll in mud, and basically get down and dirty, and like mom said, they won’t smell or get moldy or damp because you can just rinse them right off.

There are tons of different colors and designs to choose from. For a large Boxer like me, it’ll run you about $26, but mom feels it’s worth the money.

Here’s the website:

And in case you are wondering, I rock the Classic Stripe version in Marigold (really brings out my mahogany coat).

I’m going to tell mom she needs to “get a life.”

Slurps & Farts,

~Old Man Sam


1 Response to “These Are a Few of Mom’s Favorite Things…”

  1. 1 Cubby August 2, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Thanks for the plug!

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