Babies and Dogs

In my 10 1/2 years, mom could have gotten rid of me more times than I can count on both paws. We have moved 11 

T I M E S  in the last decade – two of those were across the country. She also had two babies, which brings me to my point:

Having a baby does not have to mean that you give away your pets. Millions of people manage to care for both children AND pets. I will never understand the mentality of someone who thinks she can care for and raise a human child but can’t take care of a dog. If you prepare for the changes in your life before the baby comes (that includes training your dog to get used to and accept new noises and smells) it will make the transition that much easier.

Mom came across an interesting article published in the Wall Street Journal. You can read a saved version of it on Florida Boxer Rescue’s website:

There’s also a companion video about training dogs for baby’s arrival. That video was saved and can be viewed here:

By now it has been proven time and time again, that having a pet greatly reduces stress and can add years to your life. In a study printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association  Dr. Ownby states that babies who grow up with 2 or more pets in their home develop fewer allergies to pets, mold and pollen. Pets provide unconditional love and companionship and can even increase self-esteem in a shy child. Most dogs have an innate desire to protect – how many articles have you read where a pet rescues his family from a dire situation such as a house fire? Where would those families be today if they’d dumped their pets when the kids were born?

What am I getting at, you ask?

The benefits of pet guardianship far outweigh the minor modifications one must make when expanding the family to include human children. As your pet, I can adjust to a change in schedule! And you can rest easy each night knowing that I am there – your loyal friend and family’s protector.

Not too long ago my mom was visiting a friend in Wisconsin and while she was there, someone had attempted to break into her friend’s home. Perhaps you can guess what the family’s two year old black lab did? He awoke, startled, from a deep sleep and planted himself right smack in the middle of the hallway between his master’s bedroom and the childrens’ bedroom. There he remained, growling and barking madly, but not moving an inch from the location of his beloved family. The intruder was scared off and my mom’s friend could not describe the relief she felt and the gratitude she had for her dog at that moment.

If you are expecting a baby and are contemplating giving away your Boxer because you think you won’t have time for him or are worried about having a dog around a tiny baby, PLEASE contact Florida Boxer Rescue. We have a list of referrals for trainers that many of our volunteers have personally used. We can offer support and advice to help you acclimate your dog to this new and exciting change! Taking care of a dog is a PIECE OF CAKE compared to an infant! You can do it! And we’ll help you!

Visit our website for more information:

~Old Man Sam



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