Rest In Peace, Coco

My mom received an email today from a couple of friends who are also long-time Florida Boxer Rescue volunteers. Unfortunately they had to say good-bye today to their beloved sweet Boxer girl, Coco. Mom got to meet Coco years ago and spent an enjoyable afternoon with her. She decided to use my blog tonight to make a little pictoral tribute to a sweet, dear Boxer girl.

Coco’s mom writes:

“It’s with a heavy heart that I wanted to let you know we helped our sweet Coco Bean across the bridge today.  The last few days had been rough for her and as we lay curled together on the bed last night I knew the time had come to let her go.  My heart has broken into pieces but I’m trying to remember all the wonderful happy times we had together.  She loved everybody and was typical Boxer through and through. 
Sending along a picture from last year’s trip to the Outer Banks…she always LOVED the beach and when we got there she spun and spun in the sand, then raced off to the water to chase crabs 🙂  I hope she’s chasing them now…..”

Rest In Peace , Coco


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