Tips for a safe 4th of July from Hercules!

Nope, that’s not a patriotic photo of me. It’s my Boxer buddy Hercules who is a Special Guest Blogger tonight. He’s a handsome silver fellow, don’t you think?

Herc wants to first say “Happy Birthday America” and wishes everyone who visits this blog, a Happy 4th of July. But he also wants to let you know that every year countless pets get spooked by the 4th of July festivities (like the loud BOOMS and crackle of fireworks). Every year dogs bolt out of doors or jump fences if they are left unattended outside. These sounds frighten many dogs who have a fight or flight reaction. Many take off, become lost, killed by cars or are never seen again. Some are found or picked up by animal control but with American shelters being severely overcrowded, your lost pet could be euthanized before you can claim him.

It is traumatic to lose a pet, but protecting your pet on the Fourth of July is easy if you make the effort and use common sense.

First, do not leave your dog outdoors unattended for any reason. If your dog is not outside then he can’t jump a fence to escape when he’s startled by loud fireworks. If you are hosting a party on the 4th, and have people coming and going through doors that lead outside, use common sense and secure your dog in a quiet room or in his favorite crate. Don’t assume your dog will not be spooked by the sound of fireworks. Be proactive by not providing an opportunity for your dog to escape your home.

Whether you will be home or if you are going out for the 4th of July festivities, the safest place to contain your dog is in a proper sized crate. You may even want to turn on some music or leave the tv on to mask some of the outdoor sounds. Putting one of your t-shirts inside the crate will also have a calming effect as it will have your “smell” and that is comforting to your canine family member.

Florida Boxer Rescue gets called every single year on July 5th with multiple instances of people who lost their Boxers during July 4th celebrations. Shelters also see an influx of dogs for the same reason. Do not let this happen to your pet. Make sure that you keep your dogs safely contained indoors and out of harm’s way before enjoying your July 4th celebration!

I’m going to sign off now and I hope everyone has a great time with family and friends this July 4th. Stay Safe!



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