Bathtime Blues!!

As you can see, I’m kind of bummed out. I was just half asleep, minding my own business when I overheard mom talking to Miss June on the telephone. That means the big white van is coming to the house soon. The big white van that Kiki and I get bathed in! Yuck!

Mom has tried taking us to the groomers several times in the past. The car ride there is fun but we never liked the part after the bath where you have to go in a crate and wait to get picked up to go home. In fact, Kiki and I showed our displeasure once by taking big, steaming craps in our crates AFTER we were all nice and clean. But sadly, the joke was ultimately on us because then we had to get a second bath! Ack!

After that debacle, mom decided to get a mobile groomer to come to the house. She found Miss June through a referral and she’s been coming to our house every 4 weeks to give Kiki and I a bath and clip our nails. I am not happy about this but I guess it is better than the alternative. When Miss June is done drying me, I get to step right out of the van and run (or in my case, trot slowly) into the house. I then shake my slightly damp fur once inside and wipe my mouth along the couch cushions just to let my mom know I’m back.

Miss June says I am perfectly behaved during bathtime even though I tremble and don’t like it very much. Kiki on the otherhand, is a “nightmare” (June’s words, not mine). Mom might even videotape the shenanigans next time and post a clip here.

When my new Boxer brother arrives the first thing I am going to do is warn him about Bathtime in the Van!

Wish me luck,

Old Man Sam


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