I am 11 years old!

I turned 11 years old on November 5 and mom has always said that I would be the Boxer that would outlive and outlast all the others. I am going gray, but still have playful energy even though my life has slowed down considerably.

samson11birthday1Here I am enjoying a cuddle with my new birthday toy, which I promptly “de-stuffed” within a few minutes. Mom has never had a Boxer that has loved toys as much as I do. I get so excited when given a new one and will prance around the house, play tug, keep-a-way, and just generally walk around with the toy in my mouth all day. Stuffed animals are my favorite, but they never last very long and mom will find a trail of white fluffy stuffing all throughout the house because I quickly disembowel any stuffed animal I am presented with.

My family celebrated a nice, quiet birthday with me this year. I am healthy and doing well and hope to spend many more together with them.




2 Responses to “I am 11 years old!”

  1. 2 Hercules November 30, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Happy Birthday Samson! My folks and I are so glad to hear you are doing great and still pulling the stuffing out of your toys! Bet your Mom had to hide her smile as she picked up the white stuff 🙂 Don’t worry about going gray…it makes us look more dignified…and I think it let’s us get away with a few more antics! After all, anyone who knows anything about boxers know we remain kids at heart no matter how much silver we’re sporting!


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