I’m Samson, also known as Old Man Sam, Sammy, or Sammy Toots when I’m feeling particularly gassy (if you know anything about Boxer dogs, you know they can really clear a room…FAST). I’m 10 1/2 years old and finally going gray.

Mom is the webmaster for Florida Boxer Rescue and the author of most of the information found on the website. I’ve been told I am the temporary “Boxer Blogger” for FBR. I’m not that offended by the temporary status because frankly I am tired most of the time and will enjoy the break once we adopt our next Boxer who will take over for me. Blogging is hard work!

I’m a great Boxer who has been fortunate enough to live with the same family all my life. I had Boxer brothers in the past named Earl, Meno, and Brutus and a Boxer sis named Cutie. I got along well with all of them; I am so laid back. I am the only surviving Boxer of the wonderful bunch. When the last one (Brutus) died unexpectedly, I went from 92 to 76 pounds in only two weeks time and refused to eat. Mom adopted a Pug and that little fluffball cheered me up. We’ve also since inherited a cat. Mom says she isn’t keen on the “one Boxer” thing and has been on the hunt for a brother Boxer for a loooooong time. Hopefully a new boy will arrive soon. I’m sure I’ll have some fun getting to know him and we’ll be best buds in no time – just like Brutus and I used to be. And who knows, having a younger Boxer guy around might even make ME feel a little younger myself!

I guess I could also add that in my younger days I LIVED to play football with my skinkids and daddy. I could block and catch the football and even tackle. Mom wishes she would have recorded this at some point, but she swears it’s true. You’ll have to just take her/my word for it. I bark at anything and everything, always alerting my family to the myriad dangers of a neighbor walking down the sidewalk or a dreaded leaf blowing across the porch. I am a “talker” especially when I want you to play with or pay attention to me. Mom tells me sometimes that I am a pushover because my tiny 16 pound Pug sister takes chew toys right out of my mouth and steals my food and I don’t think twice about giving in to her every time. See, I told you I was a sweetie.

Some of my “likes” are: the dog park, doggie daycare (they put me in the “small dog” play area and I just lie down and let all the tiny anklebiters climb all over me), cheese, car rides, my dog beds, toys, and getting brushed. I only have a few “dislikes” but they are big ones: all forms of water and wood flooring. That’s not weird, right?

Thanks for reading a little (okay, A LOT) about me. Check out my posts because you are bound to find some helpful information!

~Old Man Sam


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